Requirements for publications

The main purpose of Art and Science journal is the worldwide promotion of works in the field of art and science by artists and scientists working in the EU and post-Soviet countries.

Art and Science journal focuses on solving problems in art and science in the fields:

  • Art, Design, Pictorial art, Artistic image, Decor, Ornament, Jewelry, Iconology, Creative industries, Architecture, Photo, Cinema, Music, Aesthetics, Fashion, History of Arts.
  • Technical sciences, Technologies, Engineering, Social sciences, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Politics, Law, Economics, Public administration.

Languages of publications: Estonian, English, languages of EU member states, languages of UN member states.

Publication frequency: at least once a month.

All authors must receive an electronic copy of the journal and, optionally, a printed copy.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that the journal will be distributed on the Internet free of charge in the public domain at By submitting the article to publication, all authors agree to its free promulgation on the Internet.

The following materials should be submitted for publication:

  • An article designed in accordance with the requirements (requirements are attached);
  • Information about the author with current data and contacts;
  • Statement of consent for the publication of the article, signed by the author (photo or scanned copy);

All materials should be sent in one letter by e-mail

A scanned, photocopy or an electronic payment receipt is sent only after the adoption of publications for printing.

Requirements for the article

  1. General requirements:

- font – Times, New Roman, 14 pt .;

- interval - 1.5;

- margins - 2 cm on each side;

- volume of text - from 15 to 40 thousand printed characters with spaces;

- links are made in square brackets;

  1. The structure of the article:

1) Full name author / authors in the language of the article

2) Surname and name of the author (s) in English

3) Position and place of work / study in the language of the article and in English

4) ORCID if available

5) Title of the article in the language of the article and in English

6) Annotations in the language of the article and in English

7) Contact phone number and e-mail

8) List of reference in the language of the original source. All links are given in square brackets.

  1. Requirements for the content of the article:

1) Relevance of the topic

2) Introduction

3) Purpose

4) The main content

5) Conclusion

  1. Pictures, tables and graphics are submitted in jpeg format with a resolution of 300-600 DPI.